The Ultimate List of Summer & Beach Activities

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300+ Beach & Summer Activities!

Sometimes, the best part about summer is all of the time you get to spend with friends and family enjoying the beautiful weather! However, the same summer activities can get pretty monotonous, especially with younger children. It's important to keep them entertained but that can be a daunting task when you are looking for things to fill up a 3 month time span. Here at Saltmeadow Bay, we are so lucky to have the pool/clubhouse, the Beach Garden Park, and of course, the oceanfront just within our reach! 

The list below contains some great ideas to make the most of your summer with your family! We would love to see or hear about your favorite summer activities! Share them with us below or on Facebook.

Fun Beach Activities for Kids of All Ages 

This list consists of mostly games you can play using things you would already bring to the beach. A great list for a family of kids in different age groups.

21 Beach Crafts for Kids 

If your kids or grandkids love collecting these, make them into something creative with the help of these tutorials!

35 Free Things To Do With Toddlers At The Beach

Aimed at the younger crowd, this creative list names things you probably wouldn't have thought of! 

Beach Games for Kids

Building sandcastles can get old after a while… get creative and fun with this list of games! 

150+ Summer Fun Activities For Adults

Adults need fun in the sun too? This is an ultimate Summer Bucket List! 

Tips For A Great Family Beach Day

Great ideas for a successful day in the sand! 

25+ Beach & Ocean Activities

Another great list of ways to have fun and educate on the beach!

10 Activities To Do At The Beach

Another great list of ways to have fun and educate on the beach!

25 Fun Things To Do At The Beach

If any of the above lists didn't do it for you, check out this one!

101 Fun Things for Teens to Do This Summer

This one is for the older crowd, many you can do at the beach!

50 Fun Things For Teenagers in the Summer

Don't spend the summer months being bored and doing the same thing over and over!

50 Must-Do's in Virginia Beach

Some of these are a little pricey but it doesn't hurt to splurge now and again! 

11 Water Games & Summer Activities For Kids

A double mixture of entertainment and a way to keep cool… COOL! 

Summer Activities for Kids – Martha Stewart 

This list is extra-creative in true Martha Stewart style! 



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