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It’s hard to beat this heat if you need to fix a meal and you’re sweating over the stove. Of course, it is easier to stay cool if you’re making cold sandwiches or salads but that can get boring fairly quickly. Below you will find some handy tips to handle the heat in the kitchen and links to 20 summer friendly (no stove necessary) recipes.

Some general tips to help combat heat in the kitchen:

  • Use a slow cooker for meals

  • Buy a rotisserie chicken from the deli at the supermarket to use in some of your favorite  chicken dishes

  • Grill outside but make sure you hydrate while out

  • Use small appliances like a toaster oven or rice cooker to avoid turning on the oven or cook top

  • For sweets, go for no-bake treats

  • If you do need to use the oven or cook top, try to make several meals at once and refrigerate or freeze the meals

  • Always have the food prepped and ready to go if you need to turn on the oven so it’s not on when you’re not cooking

  • Turn off lights when not using them since light bulbs including CFLs emit heat


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Need some inspiration to complete your meal plans for the summer?

Check out the list below for recipe ideas that will add some sizzle to your meals without having to crank up your air conditioning. Send your oven on vacation with these yummy meals and bon appétit!

Entrée Recipes:


Slow Cooker Recipes:


Grilled Recipes:


No-Bake Desserts:


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